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A few months ago, we had a special inquiry from an aluminum extrusion company in Virginia, United States.

The specific client's inquiry was:
To cover & protect the surface of various types of heavy aluminum profiles, on different sides horizontal, vertical and also inclined at various angles, starting from 30 to 160 degrees to the horizontal. Thus in 2 groups: blunt and acute angles.

The Protective Tape Application machine had to be redesigned for these unusual heavy-duty Aluminum profiles.

The new PTA 500 MS model, was finally designed and constructed in a few weeks with remarkable precision and performance. Our client confirmed his satisfaction, placing an additional order for his other US factories.

The overall machine dimensions increased and its aluminum body is properly reinforced.

The PTA500 MS applies evenly the Protective tape/film/foil on the full length of the profile, on the 4-sides around plus on its inclined sides at various angles.

The PTA500 MS applies adhesive tape on up to 6 faces and inclined sides simultaneously and also curved surfaces of Profiles.

The satisfied client can now add value to his product and apply Protective Nitto tape to profiles, that was impossible to cover before.

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