Bagging Machine with idle Ultrasonic Welding Head and moving Aluminium profiles.

Automatic bag cutting while bag is moving. Parallel translation accumulation table of formatted bags with automatic take over from the Machine’s belt conveyor.

Made out of Special Heavy Anodized Aluminium Profiles, mounted by special strong fittings, no Electro welded parts.

One of the 2 operators is sending to the other the slated narrow roll over each one of the tables and they both place it over the inner series of aspirating holes at its edge.

Then, they place the aluminium profile over it in a convenient way, and they fold the plastic film over the profile to the outer series of aspirating holes.

This way the bag is formatted and the Welding Head starts travelling over the overlapped 2 thickness welding them and forming this way a bag containing the Aluminium Profile.

Welding speed up to 24 m/min continuously regulated for profiles up to 7 meters long.

Capacity: up to 240 profiles in bags /hour

- Bags from film up to 750 mm wide with unique quick roll changing mechanism (holding, centring, braking, all in one shaft).

Technical Characteristics

  • Loading 6 meters Free roller table with centering guides
  • Entry Belt Conveyor approx 1600 mm long with length measuring sensor for the automatic bag cutting after the main machine’s exit
  • Ultrasonic generator air conditioned.
  • The Main Machine with bag formation from film’s roll up to 750 mm width,
  • Automatic bag’s shearing device cutting the bags between 2 profiles while the bags in motion.
  • Exit belt conveyor 8 m long
  • Lateral take over arms and storage table with belt transition system, 2,5 meters wide plus accumulation area 1meter wide.
  • Titanium US welding Sonotrode Automatic cutting Shear
  • Film unwinding and bag forming mechanism
  • Loading belt and automatic lateral transfer at unloading towards Oven's truck loading
  • Operation Panel and film engaging and welding unit 

sublibag profile bagging machine
heat transfer sublimation bagging machine
sublibag bagging machine panel
sublibag film roll holder
sublibag heat transfer film bagging