The Electric Infrared Oven (8,2 m long and 1 meter width) with IR Emitters, heats fast the aluminium profiles and sheets, for the Decoration process (cycle time is approx. 5’ in 200 °C). 

The Oven consists of the ELSTEIN Infrared Heaters with control sensors & ceramic connectors. These ceramic heating elements manage the Highest Energy Efficiency, Operation Safety & Reliability with Long Service Life.

Two (2) Subliframes (700X5) for 5 profiles up to 700cm length - sliding in and out per each side of the oven. 

There is one (1) opening door for each side of the oven -pneumatically operatedpermitting sequential entrance and exit of the loading frames.

The productivity could be reached is 5 profiles per 5 minutes (“5IN5”) = 60 profiles/hour. (The indicated productivity of the machine can only be realized after a medium to long run operation and mainly depends on the experience of the operators).

The master operation Panel Board regulates the oven’s performance -56kW installed power in total with four different (4) temperature zones.

The temperature control is automatic with a sonic and visual alarm when decoration process is over.

All electrical parts & wirings are installed suitably in accordance with EU standards (CE marking).

A complete vacuum system consists of the injector type vacuum pump –Scandinavian origin- able to apply vacuum even to 10 bagged profiles simultaneously. Air consumption is limited to approx. 300 liters/minute.

The pump is heat resistant equipped with special heat resistant O-rings.

One (1) detachable light platform (SUBLIDECOR LIGHT VACUFLAT PLATFORM 250x90) for the decoration of aluminium sheets and other flat aluminium items.

The maximum size of the aluminium sheets should be 2500 x 900 mm and thickness from 0,7 to 3 mm. 


  • Infrared technology offers high speed production with Low Energy cost
  • Optimization of decoration process with Sequential Operation (“5IN5”)
  • High Productivity with 60 profiles per hour
  • Minimum number of Operators (2 persons)

sublichromia machine infrared 700IR
wood decoration aluminium oven 700IR
infrared oven sublimation machine 700IR