Sublichromia Wood & Special Effects Application High Capacity Sublimation Plant for Aluminium Profiles, Frames and Sheets with Automatic Transfer of the Loads on Frames.

Unique Design Automatic Plant with 3 detachable vacuum application Frames SUBLIFRAMES with 10 Aluminium 7 meters long profiles each in a fully automatic movement. One Trolley is handling the 3 separate loaded Frames in and out the Oven. Production of up to 120 Profiles per hour.

The Main Machine consists of one Sublimation Oven, One large Trolley with an Automatic Frames Traveling for the charging by 2 couples of operators at the same time.

The operators are charging the Aluminium Profiles inside the bags and then apply the Vacuum in the bags. Two (2) loading positions are available. Each loading position is served by 2 operators.

The Main Machine includes:

One printing oven as per attached drawing-layout with air–boiler and LPG or Natural Gas burner 200.000 Kcal/h.

Oven’s temperature 220 deg Centigrade (maximum 250 deg).

Two (2) ventilators circulating the hot air, 9000m3 /h each, 3KW power each, 50 Hz, 380 V.

One (1) forwarding Trolley of the aluminium profiles by means of electronic inverter going in and out the Oven lengthwise. Vacuum is applied directly to the transfer film which wraps each profile by means of vacuum pump. Loading of aluminium profiles is made on three (3) travelling frames in total called SUBLIFRAMES.

One (1) Automatic Transfer system for automatically moving the SUBLIFRAMES, which are wheeled frames bearing the vacuum application heads on which the operators are suitably loading the film bags with the profiles inside.

The whole supporting construction is by ITEM or equal special construction modular Aluminium anodized profiles. There are 6 horizontal linear actuators included in lengths of 2 to 9 meters.

NEW ! Three (3) Light sheet decoration platforms loaded on the SUBLIFRAMES when sheets have to be decorated. Each platform weighs less than 40 kg and can easily be loaded by the 2 operators of each loading position giving the possibility of high capacity in sheets decoration. 

Control Panel with PLC and 9 inverters for the control of the automatic Subliframes’ movements.

Movements secured mechanically by multi-directional wheels (steel spheres on shock amortizers-NEW) and linear actuators.

Heating time inside the oven depends on the temperature indication of the probe attached onto one aluminium profile (object), placed on the trolley. Hence the trolley goes out of the oven automatically when the pre-selected heating temperature is reached. i.e. 0,5 minute after the object temperature reached 200C.

Our original light platform principle permits to SUBLIDECOR machines to treat aluminium sheets without delays. Each light platform is working similar to a bag like the bagging system for profiles. For the first time aluminium sheets and profiles can be processed without delays as it usually happens.

Technical Characteristics

Trolleys controlled by means of Siemens PLC and limit switches or photo-cells.

Number of crossing-handling banks (or tables) on floor: Four (4)

Number of SUBLIFRAMES of 10 profiles each: Three (3)

Number of vacuum Pumps: Two (2)

Electro- controlled movement of the Frames to the length of the oven (in – out movements of the Trolley).

Control by means of Siemens PLC model S 7.

Related Electrical components: TELEMECHANIQUE or equal.

Total installed motor power: 15 KW (380 V, 3 phases 50 Hz)

2 electrical vacuum systems with injection and Vane type Vacuum pumps

Overall Dimensions of the Main Machine: 21.000 x 5.000 x 2.150 mm .

SUBLIBAG 3X10: Gas heated

wood decorating aluminium plant 800 3x10
heat transfer sublimation plant 800 3x10
sublichromia machine sublibag 800 3x10
sublimation oven sublidecor sublibag 3x10