Machine for the application of protection tape, film or foil on the aluminium or plastic profiles.

Model PTA 250 applies the protective tape (nitto tape) on the profiles passing one after the other in line.

By choosing the proper model (PTA250, PTA250x2, PTA250x4) it’s possible the simultaneous tape application from 1 to 4 sides of the profiles.

High endurance rubber sponge rollers are ensuring the tape application even when the profile surface is curved. Maximum profile width is 250mm and maximum section height 150mm.

Two driving pairs of vulcanized and rectified rollers of independent drive ensure the in-feed and exit of the taped profiles in controlled independent way.

The protection sticking film rolls are posed on the machine by simple and quick way: the 2 vertical ones been held from their perimeter.

* New Feature
The upper horizontal vulcanized pressing roller is vertically moving supported by ITEM
linear bearings. As an option the touching on the profiles is clearly indicated by a micro metric watch by amplifying the related springs' compression.

Technical Characteristics
Motor: 380 V, 3 phase, 50 HZ, 1/2 HP driven by Inverter
Diameter of Driving and Pressing Rollers: 110 mm
Feed speed of Profiles: 5 up to 30 meters/min
Maximum Width of Profile’s Section: 250 mm.
Maximum height: 150 mm.
Five (5) horizontal and Four (4) vertical fixed free rolls for the support of the moving profiles.
Two (2) moving vertical free rolls for the guidance of profiles

profile sticking machine pta250
profile protection foil machine pta250
protection film machine pta250
profile protective film adhesive tape pta250