Salt spray test chamber is designed for testing surface treatment of various materials, like coating, galvanize, organic or inorganic film, anti-rust oil, chemical treatment of corrosion resisting quality check, to get goods with long time corrosion resistance.

They operate to all major Salt Spray Standards including British, American, German, ISO and Japanese, allowing continuous/intermittent, moist (humid/dry) air operations, including the widely used ASTM B117 continuous test. These cabinets are designed to meet and exceed these stringent requirements.


CNS 3627, 3885, 4159, 7669, 8866;

JIS D-0201,H-8502,H-8610,K-5400,Z-2371;

ISO3768, 3769,3770, 9227;

ASTM B-117, ASTM B-268, B-268, ASTM D1735

GB-T2423,GJB150, GB10587-89, GB 2423-17, IEC68-2-11


Test kinds:

NSS Test---Neutral Salt Spray Test

ACSS Test---Acetic Acid Salt Spray Test



1.Automatic add water when water shortage, with a group of manually water

2.Special glass nozzle, guarantee non-crystalline block for 4000 hours

3.With dual over-temperature protection, water shortage warning, ensure safety use

4.Temperature device adopts digital display, SSR control, precision is 0.1 centigrade degree

5.Chamber adopts direct steam heating method, fast warming, shortening standby time

6.Spray tower attached cone diffuser, with functions of directional mist, adjustable mist, and uniformity fog lamp.


SAO series:

Test kind: NSS test, ACSS test

Button type control

Spray Method: Continuous spray

Capacity: 100lt – 270lt.