Our new TQC Knock-out testpanels are designed to minimize the build-up of paint on the panel edges because of de knock-out frames. Also because of the 4 mm holes in the knock-out frames it is easy to hang the panels horizontally or vertically without leaving any marks.

All our knock-out panels are provided with a protective PE film on the prepared side (prepared side recognizable by its round edge in the right upper corner) which serves as protection against scratches, corrosion and finger prints. The film is easy removable after the panels are hanged. 

The TQC knock-out panels meet the requirements for Qualicoat, GSB, QIB and ISO standards.
The panels are standard delivered in 2, 4 or 8 pcs per frame and packed in a resealable carton box. 
Other shapes and sizes on request.

Art. No. VF8540

Steel panels, PE protected, 65 x 239 x 0,8mm, 200 sets
knock-out type
Art. No. VF8541

Steel panels, PE protected, 130 x 239 x 0,8 mm, 100 sets
knock-out type
Art. No. VF8542

Steel panels, PE protected, 260 x 239 x 0,8mm, 50 sets
knock-out type
Art. No. VF8543

Aluminium panels, PE protected, 65 x 239 x 0,8mm, 200 sets
knock-ot type
Art. No. VF8544

Aluminium panels, PE protected, 130x239x0,8mm, 100 sets
knock-out type
Art. No. VF8545

Aluminium panels, PE protected, 260x239x0,8mm, 50 sets
knock-out type


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