Embossing Press PRH 1500 WEDGE

Pressing Force 1500 ton with the ‘’balloon’’ type pressing principle

Oil Hydraulic Presses specially designed for embossing aluminium sheets for door Panel production. Our embossing presses can be custom designed to meet your expectations, embossing trials for sampling the profile, designing of the panels’ embossed forms and providing the engineering of the dies with all the service involved. 

Meet our New Special Oil Hydraulic Press 1500 M Ton for the embossing of the Aluminium Sheets destined to the Door Panel fabrication.

The press frame is of closed body and incorporated type fabricated by tested quality steel profiles and plates of suitable thickness to withstand the load and longer life. The frames are stress relieved.

The low noise hydraulic power pack unit is designed as per international practices and assembled with internationally reputed made components.

Hydraulics and oil tank are mounted at the side of the Press Body.

Precise machining of the structural members is done after normalizing to get the required accuracies like parallelism between platen and bed and right angularity between bed and the pressing platen.

A special high endurance polyurethane rubber membrane of 6 mm thickness is installed on the upper pressing bed for providing the embossed form to the Aluminium Sheet positioned on the special relief die below it.

The membrane touches the die, then its support is secured in position by the wedges. Then the hydraulic oil is pressed in the above “balloon” space conveniently so the membrane follows and take the form of the die.

The supporting main table is in its turn is supported by brackets actuated vertically by sliding wedges to effectively hold the main table pushed against the PU embossing membrane of the Balloon.

The aluminium sheet of suitable aluminium alloy in HO condition, which is placed in between, is pushed against the die and takes its relief form.


Technical Characteristics   

The Pressing capacity applied on the form or die surface is up to 1500 M Tons.

Hydraulic pumps’ total power 15 Kw, Maximum working pressure 80 bar

Electrics include PLC with operation panel.

Simple operation of the Press with securities for the operator.

Overall main body dimensions: 2100 x 2000 x 2200 mm, and overall 7000 x 2400 x 2200 mm including the hydraulics unit, operation panel and the space to move for the 2 sliding moving die support platforms.

Useful embossing depth is 12 m. Other bigger depths are not excluded depending on the pattern.

Aluminium sheets dimensions 2100 x 1000 x 1,5 mm

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