Profile Packaging Machine for a safe transportation. Ideal for Aluminium Extrusion & Coating Plants industries. Independent and continuous rotation & bundle speed adjustment. The ring rotation is smooth and noiseless.

A non-contact electronic induction sensor is ensuring the bundle feed stop when it ends.

The machine has a metal protection shield, with -both side- opening doors, covering the full area of rotation of the plastic or paper rolls, ensuring maximum safety.

The machine can be optionally combined with an additional Lateral evacuation system at the unloading area.

Operation Description

The machine includes one circular ring (350mm Ø internal) revolving and driven by trapezoidal belts, supporting 2 bolt-shafts for the paper rolls to be fixed on them, through nuts and axial roll bearing.

The Ring itself is supported by Special High Resistance Plastic conical Rolls. Its height is adjustable, fixed on a steel plate common with the motor still having the possibility of tightening the belt through screws permitting a vertical relative displacement keeping intact the vertical position of the ring.

Additionally this vertical ring position is possible to regulate through other 4 screws, this way adjusting the height of the bundle symmetrical axis in case of big change of the bundle size.

The bolt-shafts hold the paper rolls without any nuts through 6 steel linear springs.

These springs been pushed by the regulating nut from both edges to deform and hold the paper roll stronger or not.

In the center of the spring regulating nut, there is a security screw to adjust the brake of the rotation of the bolt shaft and ensure the paper tensioning.

The bundle movement is achieved by 2 rubber driving rolls controlled by individual motor reducer, both of them electronically synchronized.

Technical Characteristics

Electric Motor’s installed: 1 x 0.5Kw + 2 x 0.25Kw (with inverters)

Accepts 2 crepe paper or plastic band rolls simultaneously

Paper or Plastic Roll diameter: 500 mm max (limited by a maximum roll weight of 6kg)

Roll’s width: 80 to 120mm

Roll’s internal diam: 2 inches (50,8mm)

Profile’s bundle cross section: 340mm of diagonal

Bundle’s speed: 5 to 25 m/min

Relay box and buttons: Start, Stop, 2 Emergency Stops and operator Stop Pedal foot switch.

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profile packing machine wap
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