02.spray pretreatment

With more than 40 years of experience, ALCOLOR can supply you metal pretreatment chemicals, anodising and powder coating pretreatment solutions.

We have the ability to meet the ever-changing demands of the finishing industry. We offer products range from alkaline cleaners, degreasers, rust removers, paint removers and phosphate conversion coatings to the latest in ambient temperature chemistries and non-phosphate conversion coatings.

Our designated products for use in powder coating pretreatment can provide energy-efficiency and a more environmentally-preferred and performance-enhanced system to reduce the environmental footprint.

We can offer you cost-effective products with one step process developed for cleaning, degreasing and organic passivation of metal surface before painting. It works at room temperature, without any rinsing and any creation of waste water or solid sludge or mud to be treated or disposed.

We can determine together how our metal pretreatment chemical processes and products can align with your processes in a way that reduces costs.

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