The film - paper or plastic - printed on one side of the wood design, is the mean of ink transfer. The inks have a special Film composition and pass from the solid to the gaseous phase (sublimation) and solidified again inside the base powder of the coated object. Four colors are usually used for wood designs.

The special inks penetrate perfectly in polyester powder coating, which is the dominant way of decoration and protection of architectural aluminum profile during the last 30 years. Aluminum is electrostatically coated with polyester powder composition which is the perfect substrate for the method of sublimation. This is the perfect solution for the exclusive decoration of aluminium.

The uses of sublimation applications are endless. In essence, the determining factor is the design transfer film that except from wood, can be marble or whatever effects or picture imaginable. Of course, in architectural aluminum designed for structural building material, greater interest are the wood effects, but nobody can predict the future trends in architecture and design in general.

In all cases, sublimation definitely gives unlimited potential applications without restrictions in design and color.